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Curtanna has a range of tailored packages designed to suit different requirements and educational scenarios:

Enrichment, curricular PE, summer camp or after-school-club.
  • A fun, non-ranked program designed to begin the development of essential skills.
  • Each session is composed of between one to five classes with no competitive fencing exercises or assessments or use of masks.
  • A fun, non-ranked program designed to further develop essential skills.
  • Each session is composed of between five to ten classes and introduces some non-assessed competitive fencing exercises. Masks are used and provided by the instructor.
  • A fun, eight rank progressive program designed to develop essential skills.
  • Each session is composed of between five to ten classes with a variety of competitive assessed exercises. Masks are purchased and owned by each participant.
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Curtanna™ is the only technology-based educational program inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing

Within every Curtanna program, each class:

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Combines different levels of mental, physical and social stimulation.

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Challenges and develops each participant’s skills in a fair and personalized manner, and

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Is dynamic and mostly involves team or group based activities resulting in fun classes for all participants


Our Group Fitness Instructors are certified either by ACE or by AFAA and are personally trained, evaluated and accredited by founder and Olympian James Beevers.

Instructors are totally prepared and empowered for each class.

Use Curtanna’s in-class app to keep the class plan and timing under control as well as to record individual participants’ assessed performance.

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All gear used in Curtanna classes is safe and made of rubber, foam or flexible plastic.

Differences between Curtanna Programs

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Quantity of classes per session 1 - 5 5 - 10 10 - 18
Where? At school, Coop, YMCA, JCC, Dojo, Gym, Club, etc
Authorized teacher C.I.A.I. C.I.A.I. C.I.A.I.
Class equipment owned by C.I.A.I. C.I.A.I. C.I.A.I.
Mask owned by C.I.A.I. C.I.A.I. Participant
No-Ranks program
8-Ranks program
Minimum quantity of participants 10 10 10
Maximum quantity of participants 20 20 24
Includes fencing exercises
Only pre-registered participants
Participants are assessed
Parents access participants' individual performance data online
Curricular enrichment
Summer camp
Curricular PE program
After school program
40-minute classes
45-minute classes
50-minute classes
60-minute classes
C.I.A.I. = CURTANNA Independent Certified Instructor
By James Beevers

The Curtanna Program is inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing and designed by James Beevers, British Olympian, ten-times British champion, educator and parent.

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