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Skills for life

Curtanna™ is the only technology-based educational program inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing

Curtanna Digital Platform

Through the innovation of Curtanna’s online platform and iPad app, the skills required by the art of fencing can now be available in educational institutions and community centers.

Digital platform 01
Curtanna-accredited Instructors are able to safely implement a fun & innovative approach to youth sports and fitness programs that develop critical life skills.
The Curtanna experience allows Instructors and Institutions to earn extra income while building students’ cognitive skills and enhancing their affective attitudinal, motivational and social development.
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The programs and exercises were designed by 3rd generation fencer, James Beevers, a 10-time British National Champion & Olympian.

Curtanna Programs

Curtanna Curtanna Pro
Connect Lite Boost Prime
Green solid Bronze solid Silver solid Gold solid
Quantity of classes per session 10 1 - 5 5 - 10 10 - 18
Where? Indoors, outdoors, at home, at the park, in private or with friends At school, Coop, YMCA, JCC, Dojo, Gym, Club, etc
Authorized teacher Parent C.I.A.I C.I.A.I C.I.A.I
Class equipment owned by Parent C.I.A.I C.I.A.I C.I.A.I
Mask owned by Parent C.I.A.I C.I.A.I Participant
No-Ranks program
8-Ranks program
Minimum quantity of participants 1 10 10 10
Maximum quantity of participants 5 20 20 24
Includes fencing exercises
Only pre-registered participants
Participants are assessed
Parents access participants' individual performance data online
Family bonding
Curricular enrichment
Summer camp
Curricular PE program
After school program
40-minute classes
45-minute classes
50-minute classes
60-minute classes
C.I.A.I = CURTANNA Independent Certified Instructor

Why fencing?

Curtanna’s programs, like fencing, provide a unique mix of physical, mental and social stimulation. Fencing is often referred to as the chess of sports – you need a sharp mind to anticipate your opponent’s actions while planning your next move.

Our story


Curtanna™ allows you to safely implement a fun and innovative approach to youth sports and fitness programs by combining fencing with critical life skills.