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Instructor gear includes all equipment necessary for the program.
Up to twenty-four children can be registered per session
Develops the child’s executive functions and strengthens peer bonds
Trains student’s social-emotional domain through inclusive classes


Curtanna is a fun and inclusive kinesthetic program for children in Grades 1 to 8. By deeply addressing children’s core cognitive regulation skills (executive functions), Curtanna improves their self-esteem as well as their social and emotional skills to equip them to thrive in life. Through a mix of games and exercises, Curtanna subtly delivers a unique mix of physical and mental stimulation while appealing to children’s sense of play. Curtanna is endorsed by Dr. Adele Diamond, one of the world’s top Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientists. Designed and perfected for over a decade by 3rd-generation fencer James Beevers, 10-time British Champion and Olympian.


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Combines different levels of mental, physical and social stimulation.

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Trains each student’s cognitive, interpersonal, and emotional skills through engaging activities.

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Is dynamic and mostly involves team or group-based activities resulting in fun classes for all participants.

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Curtanna™ is the only technology-based educational program inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing


Curtanna® provides a unique mix of physical, mental and social stimulation. Our highly inclusive program excels at teaching children the art of friendly confrontation and conflict resolution in a safe, meaningful way. Inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing, Curtanna® aims to create a holistic approach to early-child skills development. The sport’s highly strategic, disciplined and physical nature– both on an individual and team level - requires gross and fine body coordination while, simultaneously, strategizing, concentrating, being creative and resilient. Curtanna® instills these skills with the creation of our sequenced content consisting of 500+ exercises delivered to instructors for proctoring through our state of the art platform.

Participating children feel a strong sense of belonging, both to the program and as part of the camaraderie formed during our sessions. The large pool of exercises makes each class unique and non-repetitive. This allows for a stress-free environment for children as activities cannot be practiced in advance, but rather encourages them to think on their feet for strategic teamwork. The more engaged they get, the more willing they are to accurately analyze situations to effectively communicate with others. As a result, children relate success in Curtanna® activities with true empathy and respect for others.

Curtanna® also works the child’s individualism, promoting the relationship with their own body, emotions, attentional components, and brain development. The fencing-style individual confrontations make every child aware of their own self-efficacy and limitations. In both cases, the child is encouraged to strive towards quick problem-solving for gradual improvement. They develop a drive that comes from within, true self-confidence, which will trickle over into all other aspects of their lives. The more self-confident they get, the more willing they are to face new challenges.

Curtanna’s multiple fencing-inspired exercises simultaneously work fine and gross motor skills, challenge the child’s visual-spatial, hand-eye and feet-hand-eye coordination, and higher order executive functions. This constant cognitive skills training promotes inner-brain connections between the amygdala nucleus and the cortex while working all the elements that constitute the general concept of "attention" or "focus". Our instructors record individual data on child’s performance, which creates visual assessments of progress to be shared with educators and/or parents on these skills.

In addition to its positive effects on the development of the whole-child discussed above, Curtanna® is fun! All activities appeal to children’s natural sense of play, allowing the program’s educational objectives to be achieved in a subtle way.


Our Instructors are trained, evaluated and accredited by founder and Olympian James Beevers and a Social-Emotional Learning specialist.

Instructors are totally prepared and empowered for each class.

Curtanna’s in-class app helps keep the class timing under control and to record individual participants’ assessed performance and progress.

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By James Beevers

Curtanna® Home is the ultimate brain-body program, inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing, designed by James Beevers, British Olympian, ten-times British champion, educator and parent and endorsed by the world’s most recognized cognitive developmental neuroscientist, Dr. Adele Diamond.

"Curtanna challenges all the critical executive functions -- including self-control, focused attention, working memory, and creative problem-solving -- in a way that’s fun for kids. Kids clearly derive great joy from Curtanna; they help and encourage one another, and a supportive community develops; those emotional and social benefits of Curtanna work to support the executive function benefits of the program." Adele Diamond, Tier 1 Developmental Cognitive Neuroscientist, University of British Columbia, Canada.

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