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Watch demos of the Curtanna Program to learn more about how it develops children’s Executive Functions and help them achieve excellence in all aspects of their lives.

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By James Beevers

Curtanna® at Home is the ultimate brain-body program, inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing, designed by James Beevers, British Olympian, ten-times British champion, educator and parent and endorsed by the world’s most recognized cognitive developmental neuroscientist, Dr. Adele Diamond.

"Curtanna challenges all the critical executive functions -- including self-control, focused attention, working memory, and creative problem-solving -- in a way that’s fun for kids. Kids clearly derive great joy from Curtanna; they help and encourage one another, and a supportive community develops; those emotional and social benefits of Curtanna work to support the executive function benefits of the program." Adele Diamond, Tier 1 Cognitive Developmental Neuroscientist, University of British Columbia, Canada.

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