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The Curtana is a ceremonial sword used at the coronation of British Kings and Queens for over 1,200 years and one of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. Also known as the Sword of Mercy, Curtana symbolizes the centuries-old British history of surviving, striving, living, and ruling “by the sword.” These elements combined represent Olympic champion James Beevers’ deepest national and sporting heritage. Curtana is probably the oldest sword in human history to serve a non-violent purpose but rather one of higher and positive values, just like the modern Olympic fencing weapons.

We added an “n” to the original name and, with that, all the symbolism of Curtana is merged with our wide range of educational and fitness programs. We offer all this under one uniquely recognizable brand: Curtanna™.


CURTANNA™ thrusts the Olympic sport of fencing into the 21st Century through the use of state of the art technologies and database services. Curtanna’s exciting, innovative and user-friendly coaching application brings founder James Beevers’ 30 years of fencing knowledge and expertise to schools and sports venues. This revolutionary approach to grassroots coaching will allow children the opportunity to be exposed to the positive values of fencing, a truly unique sport, in a fun, structured and highly specialized environment.


A structured and progressive eight-rank course. Basic skills of fencing, including the concepts of attacking, defending and coordination of hands and feet, are taught first before developing more complex age appropriate skills and a wider variety of moves and strokes. All skills are taught through a variety of exciting games and exercises.

James beevers


James Beevers is a 3rd generation fencer who followed the success of his father, mother and grandfather, who all fenced at international and Olympic level. At the age of eight, he started fencing and has since won every British national title including being a four-time Senior British champion. James has represented Great Britain at 14 World & European Championships and was a member of the British team at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. Following his retirement from the sport in 2009, James founded the very successful Little Musketeers fencing program which reaches over 350 schools teaching 3000 children each week in the UK. As a father of two young children, James has carefully developed exercises with whole child development skills in mind.

By James Beevers

The Curtanna Program is inspired by the Olympic sport of fencing and designed by James Beevers, British Olympian, ten-times British champion, educator and parent.

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